How to take your life to a higher level and feel empowered to reach your goals, in both your personal and professional life




Problem talk creates problems. Solution talk creates solutions.

Steve de Shazer

Peak State for Performance




Go ahead and make progress in your professional life



Imagine you could stay focused on success! Imagine you could feel like an achiever! Imagine you could perform to the best of your abilities!


This programme combines psychological coaching and body therapy. It has been designed to help you take your performance to a higher level.


During the programme you will:


  • Learn some useful self-help methods that will support you to stay focused on success on a daily basis
  • See yourself from a new perspective - for example, as someone who is assertive, resourceful and able to achieve their goals
  • Get in touch with the feelings that support success - for example, determination, personal power and being in control
  • Receive a number of body therapy sessions to help you stay physically relaxed during performance and experience a greater level of stamina and vitality


Please note that you will be asked to continue stepping into a success mindset on a daily basis, using the techniques from the sessions. Consider signing-up for the programme only if you are willing to commit to a 15-minute daily success -focused mental practice.


Content of the programme


Part 1: Psychological Coaching


This element of the programme combines coaching, success psychology techniques and creative visualisation. It is delivered as one-to-one sessions, fortnightly over a seven-week period. On-going support between sessions is provided via email.


Session 1: Envision success

Unless you have a clear vision of what it is that you are aiming for, you have a limited chance of achieving it. In other words, before you make your goal a reality, you must see it in your mind’s eye first. This session will help you achieve that by stimulating your subconscious mind to create a blueprint of your successful future, in which you see yourself as someone who has already achieved the things you are aiming for. This will, in turn, increase your determination for success and help you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.


Session 2: Adopt a success mindset

As the old saying goes ''What you think you become''. Our mindset determines our actions and has a direct impact on our motivation levels. During this session, you will have the chance to experience the kind of thinking that is characteristic of many great achievers. Adopting this kind of mindset will help you see yourself succeeding in the most challenging of circumstances.


Session 3: Step into a peak state

Do you remember moments from your past when you were able to accomplish tasks with ease and speed? We are all able to tune into a state of heightened mental activity and perform to the best of our abilities. This session will help you re-create the experience of such a state and show you how you can get into it any time you wish, in order to deliver a high quality performance.


Session 4: Review

The last session will be an opportunity to review progress, strengthen the results achieved during the previous sessions and identify whether any further work or on-going support is needed.



Part 2: Body Therapy


Research evidence suggests that relaxation has a positive effect on performance. Included in the programme are three body therapy relaxation sessions, delivered by a registered practitioner between the coaching sessions on a fortnightly basis. This is to ensure that you are physically prepared to execute the ideas we will be working on during the coaching stage.





Total price: £560















Upon receiving the payment, I will email you within 24 hours to arrange your appointment. Alternatively, you can contact me first to discuss the programme.

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