How to take your life to a higher level and feel empowered to reach your goals, in both your personal and professional life




Problem talk creates problems. Solution talk creates solutions.

Steve de Shazer

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Welcome to my solution oriented coaching and psychology services!



I’m a solution-focused coaching psychologist. My passion is to see people thrive, realise their full potential and enjoy the success of achieving their goals.


In my practice I offer a highly effective, unique combination of methods that work with your mind, body and emotions, so you can enjoy the benefits of seeing me right from the first session.


In my work with clients I always focus on solutions.


I offer different types of solutions and programmes, depending on where you are in your life and where you would like to be. Whether it is success in personal or professional life, my intention is always to take you to the level where you see yourself succeeding in your chosen domain.


My approach will enable you to:


  • Work with your mindset, so instead of being stuck in a problem and analysing it, you start thinking about solutions
  • Connect with the resources within you – your motivation, ambitions, talents, skills, abilities and power to achieve
  • See yourself from a feel-good perspective, leading the kind of life you desire



What others say


'Hi Barbara… I want to say thank you! Somehow my life is improving, I feel much happier and I have more energy.'

Eva, Student, North London


'Just to say thank you and let you know I passed my [driving] test yesterday.'

Anonymous, Professional, South London


'I can definitely say that the lines of communication have opened in the most appropriate and helpful way. Thank you. Now that some time has passed read more



Individually tailored sessions


I offer a 1.5-hour introductory session to give you the opportunity to discuss your situation and experience my method of working with clients. We will clarify what positive changes you would like to experience in your life. The session will also enable us to discuss and agree on a solution plan that is individually tailored just for you. Read more





Confidence Building: A Five-Session Programme (helpful for confidence building, stress management and anxiety help)


Peak State for Performance: A Twelve-Week Programme (helpful for building motivation, adopting a success mindset and managing performance anxiety)



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